For approval: SIL Open Font License 1.1

Nicolas Spalinger nicolas_spalinger at
Sun Nov 9 21:17:25 UTC 2008


> There is nothing in the license that specifies the way the font is to be
> embedded in the document. Thus, it is trivial to embed the font entirely
> in the document, bit-identical to the way it is in a stand-alone file,
> and then extract it. Because OpenDocument is a compressed zip archive,
> that's trivial to do with two command line tools available to everyone.

Since when is simply copying a font file into a zip archive embedding?
Sure, you can stretch the meaning of any word and find new scenarios but
that's not the commonly understood way of doing font embedding (like in
a PDF). Unzipping a chosen file from that zip is different from font

An embedded font (an actual part of the document it is embedded in) is
not bit-identical to its original: the act of embedding will transform
the font to make it usable from within that document. If extraction is
attempted then the resulting file will not be the same as the original
upstream font.

Nicolas Spalinger, NRSI volunteer

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