For approval: SIL Open Font License 1.1

Matthew Flaschen matthew.flaschen at
Sun Nov 9 00:07:35 UTC 2008

Bruce Perens wrote:
> Bruce Perens wrote:
>> You can't really put such a thing in a position for the user to always
>> get it - but you can go one better and embed the program in the font.
>> Which is another trivial license circumvention. 
> Oops. Under U.S. copyright case law, it turns out that it is not
> necessary to have either a script or an embedded program. Because
> typefaces can't be copyrighted, you need to start with a vector font -
> which can itself be considered a computer program. It's either a program
> itself, or it's not copyrightable at all.

This is a misreading of the license.  It clearly says "Neither the Font
Software nor any of its individual components, in Original or Modified
Versions, may be sold by itself."  So, even though an individual font is
software, it can't be sold by itself.

That said, 1000 OFL fonts can be sold by themselves, or even 3.  Nicolas
Spalinger has agreed with this interpretation.

Matt Flaschen

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