For approval: SIL Open Font License 1.1

Russ Nelson nelson at
Sat Nov 8 18:08:59 UTC 2008

Bruce Perens writes:
 > Matthew Flaschen wrote:
 > > The average user has no idea how to distribute a font along-side.  If
 > > the font isn't embedded by default by the application, other options are
 > > not going to occur to them.
 > Not sure I agree, anyone can drag icons into a folder icon. But I'll 
 > give you a different example. User gives another user a copy of the 
 > fonts on a USB stick. Violates license.

In a picayune manner it violates the license.  Bruce, if the
requirement bothers you so much, then make a little shell script for
distributing fonts which always includes itself in the distribution.

Done.  Next problem?

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