License Committee Report for September 2008

Alex Wang alexwang at
Wed Nov 5 04:41:51 UTC 2008

>You don't have to listen to me. Russ Nelson has explained what he feels you
should do, in an email about a week ago. He is the person who recommends
licenses to the OSI board for approval.
What Russ said is more acceptable, although I disagree. I have explained why
his suggestion can not work. I also explained that the objection to the
license is not correct since it hurt the goal of open source movement. Now,
I am waiting for the opinion from OSI board, or furthermore discussion with
rational comment.

>I have twice asked for someone at OASIS to help you. They will not do so,
because they feel that this license submission is outside of any OASIS
Thanks for your kindly help.

>Please remain aware that this is the public portion of the license review
process. Everybody has a right to criticize your submission.
Thanks for explaination. I respect your right to criticize.


P.S. At the time that democrat win the election, I am so happy that I give
up the requirement of your appologize. I think democrat  is good for IT
industry, and MS would be punished more if republican hadn't stolen the
president in year 2000. Appologize for potential republican in the list, I
repect your rights.

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