License Committee Report for September 2008

Alex Wang alexwang at
Wed Nov 5 02:20:48 UTC 2008

Do you know the reason that OSI board refuse previous version of UOML
license? The formal response is quite different than what you said, it is:

	Requires conformance with a standard without specifying who decides
that conformance (which is in effect a conflict with OSD #7 "Distribution of
License"), nor does it state what happens when conformance has not been

The new UOML license fix the problem specified by OSI, this is why we
submited the new version license.
You are not member of OSI board, please don't speak in the name of OSI.
Once again, the new UOML license has removed the term that requires
read/write document via UOML only. You misunderstand the license.
I hereby request someone who is the delegate of OSI to discuss whether our
new license has fixed the problem specified by OSI.


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