Open Source Content License (OSCL)

Bruce Perens bruce at
Mon Mar 31 21:58:39 UTC 2008

John Cowan wrote:
> No, it's that new versions of the license don't count unless published
> by RCB I.T. Since it is the author rather than the user who gets the
> choice of license here, this matters.
Sigh. This is like an operator precedence exercise in programming class 
- everybody's got to learn it, but in real life they use parenthesis to 
show their intent clearly.

To render that intent, without ambiguity, I'd suggest:

    With this in mind any derivative works must be licensed with EITHER
    a) this version of the license
    b) a newer version of the Open Source Content License published by
    RCB I.T. Solutions (corporation, registered in xxx).

IMO this next paragraph is implicit in copyright law:

    You may however license your derivative work under another license
    so long as, 1) the author(s) of the content you created your
    derivative work from already licensed this content you used under
    the license you wish to use or 2) the author(s) agree in writing to
    additionally license their content you have used under the license
    you wish to use or one that gives you greater freedom in licensing
    of derivative works.


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