Request for approval: EUPL (European Union Public Licence) Questions

Russ Nelson nelson at
Mon Mar 17 16:10:33 UTC 2008

Schmitz, Patrice-Emmanuel writes:
 > 1. Multi-lingualism (Approval of version in 22 official languages
 > of the European Union).  The OSI approval is being sought for the
 > English version only (that was transmitted to license-review) - as
 > the OSI has not ever approved any other language licence.

Right.  But doesn't that put the other translations at a disadvantage?

That's why I suggest that, if you have faith in your translation
accuracy, you say that a licensee may defend their usage of the
licensed software under the translation of their choice.  If the
license said that, by virtue of us approving the English version,
anybody using any translation has the choice of an OSI-approved
license, so *every* translation is effectively approved.

As Matthew points out, it may be that one translation accidentally
grants a licensee more freedoms than you intend.  If so, that's your
problem, not ours.  As long as we decide that the English language
version provides sufficient freedoms, anyone may use any translation
and claim OSI approval (with the modification I suggest).

 > As the word "reasonable" may appears as too vague, there is already
 > a recommendation to complement Article 13 as follows: "so far this
 > is required and reasonable, without reducing the scope of the
 > rights granted by the Licence.”

That change works for me.

 > Patrice-E. Schmitz 

Thanks for your reply!

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