Request for approval: EUPL (European Union Public Licence)

Russ Nelson nelson at
Sat Mar 15 23:50:28 UTC 2008

Matthew Flaschen writes:
 > But what if translation X, say, doesn't require providing source code? 

What if, say, a meteor struck the earth?

 > > Free Software in a totalitarian state?  Why don't we also imagine
 > > frozen steam at the same time?
 > I'd rather have free software in a totalitarian state than no free 
 > software in a totalitarian state.

I think you'd have more serious things to worry about than complying
with a software license.

 > > Sure it is.  It's just a choice of legal systems, just a
 > > jurisdiction.  Otherwise you're asking lawyers to draft a legal
 > > document without knowing what system of laws it will be subject to.
 > > Let's play a card game without Hoyle's and see if we can do it without
 > > arguments.
 > It's fine to specify EU law if the licensor is in Europe.  But 
 > otherwise, it should be the law of the licensor's residence.

You already said that.  You're repeating yourself without adding any
extra information which might help you convince us to agree with you.

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