REMOVE (entirely) the Artistic License 1.0?

Russ Nelson nelson at
Thu Jul 10 20:02:33 UTC 2008

Thorsten Glaser writes:
 > Russ Nelson dixit:
 > [ just deprecating ]
 > >Not sure if it's strong enough.
 > There's a famous quote: "we sell rope"

Perhaps less than famous, since the only people I could find using it
via Google are rope sellers and Mike Shaver who said "we sell rope"
with no helpful context.

 > You will not prevent people from using a licence by either not approving
 > it or revoking the status of being approved (which, in my eyes, is not a
 > good thing anyway). But you can educate them by discouraging use and an-
 > nouncing THAT on the website, just where the licence is listed.

That's a good point, ruling against mere deletion, I think.  If it's
to have its approval revoked, it should remain on the website in the
place people expect to find it.

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