For (Legacy?) Approval: The MirOS Licence

Thorsten Glaser tg at
Tue Jul 8 16:33:52 UTC 2008

Russ Nelson dixit:

>Have you considered relicensing under an already-approved Open Source

Yes, I considered all of them and do not want to use one of these
already listed.

>I do not deny that your changes may in fact be improvements.


>I suggest that they are not improvement *enough* to justify Yet Another

I understand that, but you understand my case as well, according to
what you wrote above.

>The reason disclaimers are written in all caps is because there is
>U.S. case law making the disclaimer stronger because all caps draw
>attention.  Before you sneer at U.S. law, understand that judges will
>look across the ocean (in both directions) for precedent.

Yes, and in this case, US judges probably will have to look into our
direction instead of vice versa. They will have to understand that,
while the licence text is written in English - since that is what the
community understands -, it is drafted for EU (especially DE) law.

While I see the reluctance of you having "just another" BSD-style
licence, I still ask of you to approve it, *because* it conforms
to the definition, *because* it is in active use, and because some
platforms (such as BerliOS/Sourceforge/...) discriminate against
licences that are not OSI approved (as in: contained in the list).

There is precedence for being listed:
* the ifrOSS Lizenzcenter:
* the Open Knowledge Foundation:

You mention "everyone's cost", I don't quite see that yet. The OSI
board meets regularily anyway, discussing more licences than just one,
and the website will also be upgraded anyway. Is this a request for
a monetary donation to the OSI, I wonder?

Sometimes they [people] care too much: pretty printers [and syntax highligh-
ting, d.A.] mechanically produce pretty output that accentuates irrelevant
detail in the program, which is as sensible as putting all the prepositions
in English text in bold font.	-- Rob Pike in "Notes on Programming in C"

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