Request Review for RTEMS License (Legacy?)

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Mon Aug 18 14:50:16 UTC 2008


Project: RTEMS (

The RTEMS license is a modified GPLv2 which is based
upon the license used for the GCC language run-times. 

According to our CVS history, RTEMS has used this license
since April 1997.  Since this predates the OSI's founding
so I think that makes this a legacy license. :-D

Unfortunately, when we selected this license, there was
no standardization amongst the various GNU language
run-times on the language of a "GPL plus run-time exception".
Certainly there was no named license to just use.  The
RTEMS exception text is closest to that of the GNU Ada
run-time.  But that used Ada language specific words
like generic.  Since we did not want a language specific
licence, the RTEMS version uses much broader language
and does not reflect a particular language.

I am the project maintainer and respectfully request
a review and the Trac Maintainers to open a ticket.


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