Open Source Content License (OSCL) - Other/Miscellaneous licenses

Rick Moen rick at
Sat Apr 19 05:55:43 UTC 2008

Quoting John Cowan (cowan at

> Both v2 and v3 require the source code (HTML or DocBook or LaTeX or
> what have you) to be distributed "on a medium customarily used for
> software interchange", which nowadays means a CD or DVD.

It can also mean a download at a free file-hosting service for three years
(GPLv2 clause 3b) -- or a pay-by-copy commercial CD duplication and
mailing service in the case of GPLv3.

(I generally use GPLv[23] in non-software context only for certain of my
writings on the Web.  If a third party wants to print one of my works in
a book and finds the conditions onerous, I figure that's something the
international telephone and e-mail systems are good for discussing.)

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