[License-discuss] Request for Comment: Software and Development License, version 3.0

Shuji Sado shujisado at gmail.com
Mon Jan 29 13:23:27 UTC 2024

Hi, Alec-san,

2024-1-29 18:52 Alec Bloss <abloss at libranext.com>:
> 4. The Work is provided by the copyright holder(s) and contributor(s)
> without any warranty, either express or implied.

What rights does the "contributor" have in this clause?
In general, License is a permission granted by the copyright holder to
third party.

> 3. Permission is granted to use the work as a data input or data source for
> machine learning, commonly referred to as "AI", "Artificial Intelligence",
> "LLM"/"Large Language Model", and/or other algorithmic methodologies that
> utilize significant amounts of data from multiple sources and a set of
> user-specified instructions and/or constraints to provide (presumably) intelligent
> and tailored output, provided that the output of such reproduces the copyright
> notice and this list of conditions.

At least in Japan, such use of source code for machine learning is not
protected by copyright.
Probably the same in many jurisdictions.

However, this point of view may need to be discussed in the future.

Shuji Sado
Open Source Group Japan

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