[License-discuss] Request for Comment: Software and Development License, version 3.0

Kevin P. Fleming lists.osi-license-discuss at kevin.km6g.us
Mon Jan 29 19:43:08 UTC 2024

On Mon, Jan 29, 2024, at 14:39, McCoy Smith wrote:
> This one has various basic drafting problems, for example the conditions of the license grant are strangely articulated (there's a condition on the copyright grant, a separate condition on all the grants, and no equivalent condition to the one on the copyright grant to the patent grant). I don't see any indication (which is a requirement of submission <https://opensource.org/licenses/review-process/>) that this was reviewed by a lawyer, and it’s not really clear to me that the other requirements for submission of a new license were met either. I think a lot of the drafting issues here could be addressed by having some sort of legal review on this license (and I don’t think submitting it to the list in the hope that the lawyers on the list will do the legal review ought to count).

This was not submitted to -review, only to -discuss, so those requirements don't apply (yet).
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