[License-discuss] [License-review] Volunteers for tagging licenses

Mike Linksvayer ml at gondwanaland.com
Sun Feb 25 23:50:16 UTC 2024

On Sun, Feb 25, 2024 at 1:46 PM Dirk Riehle <dirk at riehle.org> wrote:
> If this is primarily about obligations, I wanted to point out that
> German lawyers created a comprehensive system for explaining license
> obligations, including instructions on how to fulfill them, using some
> form of pseudo code ("if this do that"). I'm talking about the OSADL
> folks though I think this stuff is still paywalled.

Those have been public for awhile, since 2020 and CC-BY-4.0 since 2021
per wayback https://www.osadl.org/Access-to-raw-data.oss-compliance-raw-data-access.0.html


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