[License-discuss] License Questions

Kevin P. Fleming lists.osi-license-discuss at kevin.km6g.us
Tue Feb 13 14:13:57 UTC 2024

On Mon, Feb 12, 2024, at 23:01, Marshall Lake wrote:
> Newbie questions ...
> I assume these already-available licenses are "umbrella" licenses and I 
> can put my project under that license?

Nearly all OSI-approved licenses are suitable for any project and use by anyone who wishes to use them. They are not 'umbrella' licenses, though, as they don't 'gather together' all projects using the license into any sort of group; each project using a license from the list stands on its own.

> If so, do I still need to go through the review process?

The OSI license review process is for getting licenses added to the OSI approved-license list; it is not for applying licenses to projects. There is no review process, or any sort of permission process, required for that, you can just follow your chosen license's instructions for how to apply it to your project (the GNU licenses contain a detailed guide for that).

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