[License-discuss] Reconsidering the "unless required by applicable law" clauses on warranties and limitations of liability

Thorsten Glaser tg at mirbsd.de
Fri Feb 17 20:06:44 UTC 2023

Brian Behlendorf dixit:

> confusingly believing that in those jurisdictions where warranties and
> liability can not be entirely waived, that the rights in the license are still
> conferred regardless, and that whatever baseline warranties, liabilities, and

According to an ifrOSS analysis they in fact *are*.

That being said, for The MirOS Licence (which is practically equivalent
to gifting the code), that doesn’t change anything. Other licences, in
particular these with re-requirements like copyleft, may differ.

This is also why the EUPL, The MirOS Licence, the recently-discussed
OLN licence and others don’t disclaim everything but deliberately ex‐
clude a specific subset.

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