[License-discuss] "Ethical open source" and the Persona Non Grata clause.

Johnny A. Solbu johnny at solbu.net
Mon Feb 24 17:12:12 UTC 2020

On Monday 24 February 2020 14:44, Eric S. Raymond wrote:
> I reject the "Persona Non Grata" clause, and all other attempts at
> so-called "ethical" open-source licensing, in the strongest possible
> terms.  To get entangled in this sort of thing would not merely
> be against OSI's charter as expressed in the OSD, it would invite
> second- and third-order effects that would be gravely harmful.

Not to mention it makes all software using this clause in a licence proprietary software.

> With whatever moral authority I still have here, I say to all
> advocates of soi-disant "ethical" licensing not just "No" but "To hell
> with you *and* the horse you rode in on."

I could not agree more with Eric's statement.

I'll repeat here, what I already said in the original thread:
This clause is Evil. Pure and simple.

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