[License-discuss] Certifying MIT-0

Tobie Langel tobie at unlockopen.com
Thu Apr 23 01:47:37 UTC 2020

Hi all,

The MIT-0 license[1] is an MIT license with the attribution clause removed.
It has notably been used to license example and scaffolding code.

It doesn’t look that it has been approved by the OSI. I couldn’t find it on
the licenses page[2].

I imagine that is has been discussed on license-review@ already,
unfortunately I couldn’t find a way to search the archives either. A
pointer would be very much appreciated.

If this license hasn’t been rejected in the past, would there be a chance
for it to be accepted? It seems like it meets the OSD and fulfills a need
that’s hard to meet otherwise.

If so, could I bring it to license-review@ myself given I’m neither a
lawyer nor the author of the license?

Thanks all for your help,


[2] https://opensource.org/licenses/alphabetical
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