[License-discuss] How to embed Apache v2 software?

Antoine Thomas antoine.thomas at prestashop.com
Thu Nov 7 10:04:10 UTC 2019


I was at Linux Open Source Summit in Lyon last week, and one of the most
interesting topic was about legal compliance. And, by chance, that's one of
my top priority tasks at the moment.

I am working on this for the PrestaShop project for some time know, and
there is still something not easy to understand: how to embed and
re-distribute open source libraries in an open source project. And what
license is ok to re-distribute in a project with another license.

I looked at the FAQ (https://opensource.org/faq) and there is no answer.
Really, that is missing and that should be explained. Maybe there are some
resource available I missed?

In my particular case:
- PrestaShop use Composer (PHP) and NPM (JS) to manage dependencies.
- The project is shipped in OSL
- Embedding MIT, BSD and ISC (I found ISC on NPM libraries) is fine, the
licenses are permissive
- It's ok to ship content (like pictures, icons, documents, ...) in
Creative Common with clauses "by" and/or "sa" as soon as the origin is clear

I am currently listing all the dependencies with versions and licenses
(work in progress, not yet public). Most are in MIT, a few in BSD. But
there are currently a few libraries available in Apache v2 that are used in
PrestaShop. They are not modified, just used by the software, and
distributed with the installer in a zip archive.

I am looking for advice about that: is it ok to embed some Apache software
this way and ship in OSL?

My target is to be sure that there is no compliance failure in the project.
And also, to set good practice and rules for the contributors in the
developer documentation, so they know what is ok and what is not possible.

Best regards,


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