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Fri May 31 22:51:29 UTC 2019

License texts are functional, and I would have assumed that they are not
subject to copyright. No doubt we have cases from boilerplate form
producers as precedent.



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> >>For example, for the MIT license:
> >>(1) No submitter -- the MIT license was grandfathered in by the original
> OSI board
> >>(2) No nominal copyright owner
> >>(3) Despite its name, MIT does not appear to have authored the MIT
> license, based on the historical research I've done -- somewhat important
> because in later times I believe the MIT tech transfer office itself
> assumed -- based on the name popularized by the OSI itself -- that it had
> authored the MIT license, and also more recently some of the members of the
> "open source licenses can be copyright only" camp wish to argue that the
> MIT license should be read as a "copyright only" license because the
> present-day MIT tech transfer office supposedly takes that view. MIT is not
> the license steward of the MIT license -- there is no license steward --
> which is separate from but closely related to the authorship and copyright
> ownership issue.
> Here's some MIT license archeology:
> https://opensource.com/article/19/4/history-mit-license
> Be interesting to see one on BSD too, although I didn't see a similar one
> using some quick web inquiries.
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