[License-discuss] Government licenses

John Sullivan johns at fsf.org
Wed May 29 20:39:21 UTC 2019

FSF and (I believe) OSI both worked with the US DOD / DDS to come up
with one solution to these issues, which is published at
<https://code.mil/>, further described at

> Licensing Intent

> The intent is that this software and documentation ("Project") should be
> treated as if it is licensed under the license associated with the
> Project ("License") in the LICENSE.md file. However, because we are part
> of the United States (U.S.) Federal Government, it is not that simple.

> The portions of this Project written by United States (U.S.) Federal
> government employees within the scope of their federal employment are
> ineligible for copyright protection in the U.S.; this is generally
> understood to mean that these portions of the Project are placed in the
> public domain.

> In countries where copyright protection is available (which does not
> include the U.S.), contributions made by U.S. Federal government
> employees are released under the License. Merged contributions from
> private contributors are released under the License.

..so far I know they have released projects under AGPLv3-or-later and


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