[License-discuss] Evolving the License Review process for OSI

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>>I’ve worked with the Gov’t for over 20 years and seen my share of “Gov’t must do it this way” for [reasons] which are not actually regulatory but stem, rather, from widespread culture.  However, I also believe OSI on the whole should be doing >>more to advocate and support Government participation in Open Source.

Well, yes.  If the government has particularly quirky rules that would impact here (like, say Bayh-Dole, or ITAR), and a license needs to account for those and can still conform to the OSD, then there shouldn’t be a problem with special-purpose approval.

>>I don’t think anyone is suggesting Gov’t actors should be offered any sort of leeway with license review.

Exactly, including answering legitimate questions about provisions in their licenses and why they are needed, and why already-approved licenses are problematic for the USG (or any other government).

>>  Gov’t does not respond well to ad hoc (at all) and that is / was the L-R process.

From the recent mailing list activity, it may be more than just the government!

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