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> OSI is increasingly being pressured to adopt licenses with *a common
> anti-user theme. *As an individual, I believe it's important to push back
> against such licenses, and that they should be disapproved on the basis of
> the OSD and Software Freedom.  As an investor in a significant number of
> Open Source companies, both individually and on behalf of my employer, I
> also have a legitimate interest to represent in keeping the terms of Open
> Source close to those which led to its success and are essential for its
> continued success.

I have been very happy you have been bringing these issues forward.   You
are one of the voices trying to protect software freedom, including from
those within the FLOSS community who seem to want to increase software
control in the name of protecting software freedom. You are trying to look
at the bigger picture including politics and ongoing changes in
legislation, rather than narrowly focusing on the specific text of a

Please don't take push-back against that message personally, as this
message and some others suggest you are.  The community is changing since
the OSI was founded, and this includes what has appeared to me as an
outside observer as a change in overall goals.  The message you have been
bringing into the discussions needs to be offered, even if it feels like it
is a minority opinion.
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