[License-discuss] comprehensiveness (or not) of the OSI-approved list

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>>>>On May 22, 2019, at 11:00 PM, Lawrence Rosen <lrosen at rosenlaw.com<mailto:lrosen at rosenlaw.com>> wrote:

>>>>And so OSI should educate you that patents are sometimes very important, and that the BSD license is currently not very useful in the open source environment. It is risky!

>>Has this actually been tested and/or demonstrated yet anywhere?  Surely with the tens of thousands of permissive-licensed codes in use in every corporate portfolio, one of them would have endured a >>test by now if it were risky.  Regardless, not knowing whether something is risky doesn’t make it risky, it makes it an unknown risk.  Baseless fear-mongering.

AFAIK it has not been tested in a court, but it is being tested in academic journals and in various conferences and workshops.  Here is an example of this proposition being tested in a legal academic journal:  http://stlr.org/2018/10/15/the-truth-about-oss-frand-by-all-indications-compatible-models-in-standards-settings/ and here is a counter-argument: http://stlr.org/2019/03/04/oss-and-frand-complementary-models-for-innovation-and-development/

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