[License-discuss] Evolving the License Review process for OSI

Christopher Sean Morrison brlcad at mac.com
Mon Jun 3 20:56:17 UTC 2019

On Mon, Jun 3, 2019 at 11:32 AM Smith, McCoy <mccoy.smith at intel.com> wrote:
> [...] might there also be room for a "grandfathered, non-OSD compliant, new works using this license are not Open Source" category?
> I'd be interested in volunteering if there ever were a committee to review the current list to identify any listed licenses that do not (or might not) conform to the OSD.

A potential starting point could be the 49 license spdx lists as being OSI-approved but not FSF-approved:  https://spdx.org/licenses/ <https://spdx.org/licenses/>

Of course, some of those are simply licenses that haven’t undergone FSF review, but a good start regardless.  It would be informative to see if there is a common reason where there are discrepancies as that likely will point to either a difference in “freedom” or process criteria.  If the prior, that may help with annotating the OSD w.r.t. “software freedom” and the OSI.


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