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Hi Bruce,

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> It looks like this is the main reason for objection:
> *No Withholding User Data*
> *Throughout any period in which You exercise any of the permissions
> granted to You under this License, You must also provide to any Recipient
> to whom you provide services via the Work, a no-charge copy, provided in a
> commonly used electronic form, of the Recipient’s User Data in your
> possession, to the extent that such User Data is available to You for use
> in conjunction with the Work. *
> As in the previous version of the license, this attempts to extend the
> reciprocal license paradigm to data which is merely processed by the
> program.
> [snip]
> The ownership of the data *distracts from the main issue,* however, which
> is that the license attempts to *encumber data which is processed by the
> program.* This is a slippery slope which OSI should not embark upon, it
> ends with licenses like Kyle's which attempt to encumber all software
> processed by the program and force placement of that software under an Open
> Source license.

This is incorrect. I have corrected you on this point repeatedly, but you
continue to make this unsupported argument.

The CAL does not encumber any data. It does not change the licensing on any
data. Please respond with the specific text that "encumber[s] data
processed by the program."

I also challenge your assertion regarding OSD #6. The CAL is not specific
to any particular field of endeavor. "Withholding user data" isn't a field
of endeavor, just like "withholding source code" isn't a field of endeavor.

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