[License-discuss] Moderator Action

Moderators moderator at opensource.org
Mon Aug 12 11:40:31 UTC 2019

A list member breached OSI's code of conduct and was temporarily prevented
from posting. The list member sadly flouted the guidance reasonably
supplied by the moderators to remedy the breach and escalated the situation
with attempts to circumvent moderation. This list member has now been
placed on extended suspension from the list.

This has not been done because of the technical content of the messages
posted which, although flawed, could have been tolerated in isolation - OSI
does not "censor". It has been done because of the continuing breach of the
OSI code of conduct's requirement to respect other list members and the OSI.

This list member has mailed other list members directly, with the intent of
circumventing moderation, triggering complaints. Generally license-discuss
messages are sent only to the list and not to a long addressee list (indeed
Mailman places messages with multiple addressees in moderation
automatically). We encourage you not to respond to these provocations until
the list member's posts are once again allowed on the list.

Please contact the lead moderators directly rather than discussing this
on-list if you require clarification.


The OSI lead moderators
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