[License-discuss] Ethical + Support license addition for Apache

Moritz Maxeiner mm at ucw.sh
Fri Aug 9 18:24:30 UTC 2019

On Friday, 9 August 2019 15:42:16 CEST Russell McOrmond wrote:
> I'm wondering if anyone can help explain to me what they see as the
> difference between the forced public disclosure of private modifications of
> software, and registration of mere usage, private modification, or public
> discloseof software? All of these involve the forced disclose of private
> activities.

At least to me the difference between forced public disclosure of private 
modifications and registration of private modifications lies in what the term 
registration seems to imply (at least in so far as I have seen it used):
That there is a particular (often) centralized register at which you have to 
register and which may (depending on context) be able to deny you that 
registration (and if so denying you registration would prevent you from being 
able to use software which you can only use legally if you register your 
Forced public disclosure (without further qualification), on the other hand, 
means to me that the party being required to disclose is free to choose a 
(reasonable) method of disclosure. It also means to me there's no way the 
"author got hit by a bus" scenario would make the software unusable (for the 
foreseeable future) due to not being able to register with them anymore.

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