[License-discuss] For Public Comment: The Libre Source License

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>>If I have misunderstood the ML's purpose, I apologize.

IMHO the mailing list is for discussing issues with existing OSI approved licenses, or other issues relevant to interpreting them.  It could serve as a place to pre-discuss licenses to be later submitted (which is what you are trying to do).  I'm not sure its purpose is to get you free advice on license drafting by lawyers (although such advice is sometimes provided, within reason, on mailing list discussions, but usually between lawyers).  Maybe other lawyers on the list would like to do so, but I wouldn't count on it.

If I were you, I'd instead do the following:
Outline the gaps you are seeing in existing OSI approved licenses vs what your goals are.
Explain how you'd like to fill those gaps, not via license language, but by discussing the concepts.
See how people respond as to: whether there are indeed the gaps you see, and whether your goals could be met by an OSD-conformant license.

After that, I'm afraid, you'd likely need to hire a lawyer, if you want a license that meets your goals, meets the OSD, and is drafted according to good legal standards.

Other posters may differ; just my opinion.

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