[License-discuss] International licenses redux

Richard Fontana richard.fontana at opensource.org
Mon Apr 1 02:58:43 UTC 2019

On Fri, Dec 7, 2018 at 12:22 AM Richard Fontana
<richard.fontana at opensource.org> wrote:

> I suggest we continue to think of the International category as
> encompassing licenses "targeting specific languages and
> jurisdictions", to use Mike's phrasing from 2015, rather than the
> typical approach we see in open source licensing of having a single
> English-language text that is largely perceived by the community,
> correctly or not, as being jurisdiction-neutral in design or
> orientation. We should think of "specific languages and jurisdictions"
> as meaning "specific languages not limited solely to English"; an
> International license might have an English language version as well
> as a version in one or more other languages, or it might not have an
> official English version at all. Given this understanding, EUPL 1.2 as
> well as CeCILL 2.1 should both be reclassified as "International".

Since there was no objection to this proposed recharacterization of
the "International" license category, I have gone ahead and put EUPL
1.2 and CeCILL 2.1 in this category on the OSI website


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