[License-discuss] GPLv3 'permanent' license reinstatement?

Thorsten Glaser tg at mirbsd.de
Wed Oct 24 22:49:09 UTC 2018

Johnny A. Solbu dixit:

>Is there an english version of that page?

Eek. Yes, of course, but apparently the webserver is not
intact currently. Normally, it was linked there, too…

I’m digging it out of the Wayback Machine:

A working version of the original German site *with*
links to the other versions:
(the http://deb.li/quote I gave points to the current
all-in-one-HTML-page version, the only one apparently
still working on that server)

Last archived Dutch (Nederlands) version:

English version (still online):

>> Why don't you use JavaScript? I also don't like enabling JavaScript in
> Because I use lynx as browser.
	-- Octavio Alvarez, me and ⡍⠁⠗⠊⠕ (Mario Lang) on debian-devel

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