[License-discuss] ANN: The US Army Research Laboratory's (ARL) draft 2.0 policy

Karan, Cem F CIV USARMY RDECOM ARL (US) cem.f.karan.civ at mail.mil
Fri May 11 19:40:01 UTC 2018

All, I'm nearing completion on the 2.0 rewrite of ARL's Open Source policy.  You can see the current draft at https://github.com/USArmyResearchLab/ARL-Open-Source-Guidance-and-Instructions/tree/rewrite_for_2.0.  Comments are welcome.

Caveats: The PDF files currently only open in Adobe Acrobat; if you can't see them in your browser, try downloading them and opening them in Acrobat.  Note that this is annoying, and if anyone knows of PDF generation software that can correctly handle digital signatures, I'd love to hear about it.

Finally, I'm going on vacation for 2 weeks.  I'll answer emails when I get back, but I won't be touching my email for 2 weeks.

Cem Karan

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