[License-discuss] Mixed 5yr non-open then fully open license

John Dupuy john at cattailcreek9.com
Mon Jul 30 20:53:50 UTC 2018

A correction to my own wording: the fixed dates imply that new code does not change the expiration date. It does not say that explicitly. Should I add such wording?  The "A" in "MR5A" is so that a new version could later be created.


On Mon, Jul 30, 2018, at 3:40 PM, John Dupuy wrote:
> As I could not find anything comparable, I actually wrote a new license 
> last year I called "MR5A". I used it for my first mobile app, which I'm 
> distributing on Google Play. I'm now using on a few more applications. A 
> few folks I know are considering using it.
> But, before things keep going ... and I know the last thing the world 
> need is yet another license ... I'd like to ask he experts on this list 
> a few questions:
> 1. Is there a license similar to this anywhere else? If so, I'll adopt 
> that one and suppress this one.
> 2. Do you see any huge downsides to this license?
> Details: https://www.makerredux.com/license/MR5.html
> This is a two-phase license:
>   A. For 5 years it is a commercial license. The source code is merely 
> viewable for educational purposes, but is not open.
>   B. After the 5 year expiration, the source code becomes fully 
> permissive open source.
> The license states explicitly that any code added during the 5 years 
> does not change the expiration deadline. So any new code or changed code 
> is commercial for LESS than 5 years.
> The license also includes assets such as pictures and sounds if they are 
> part of the source code "repository".
> Thoughts?
> Thanks in advance on any advice or feedback!
> -- 
>   John Dupuy
>   john at cattailcreek9.com

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