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Quoting Greg Luck (greg at hazelcast.com):

> AGPL doesn’t solve the service wrapping problem.

This assumes agreement with the premise of competitor having the legal 
right to deploy code without obligation to pay rent being a 'problem'.  
A fundamental assumption of open source is that it is not, that this
right is not a bug but rather a feature..

> In the words of Confluent who just last week released the Confluent
> Community License which restricts service wrapping.
> "AGPL doesn’t solve the problem we are trying to fix.

No, indeed it doesn't, because Confluent wants proprietary advantage.
So do you.  So does MongoDB.  

Thus this spate of new licences.  As Bruce says, this is perfectly fine
as long as you don't call it open source, because it simply isn't.  The
recent gush of rhetoric trying to argue otherwise, and gestures of
'support', etc., are not likely to convince anyone.

> If OSI or another standards body fails to solve this problem with a
> general, community accepted license, which keeps open source as we
> know it but restricts service wrapping,...

...then OSI will have declined to declare existence of a noonday
midnight, or a squared circle.

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