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> 	Wait... what??? You mean the copyright goes on until the next two world wars occur? How do they define a world war?  What if
> we luck out and no world wars occur?
> No, it's that the expiration of copyright was retroactively tolled by specific French legislation (one for WWI, one for WWII) for the time
> that publication in France was under military censorship, preventing French authors from fully exploiting their commercial rights.
> Presumably if France was occupied again, a similar law would be passed when the occupation was lifted.  The status of these increases
> under the current life + 70 years regime is not very clear, since that added 20 years and the maximum extension was only 15 years.
> In addition, authors who are "mort pour la France" (either as soldiers or as civilians killed in war) are granted an additional 30 years of
> copyright (thus life + 100) in compensation for whatever works they did not get to create.  There are only about 35 creators in this
> position officially, but new ones could in principle be recognized at any time.

OK, that makes a lot more sense.  Thanks!

> 	Just to double check, droit d’auteur is the equivalent of moral rights, correct?
> Yes, but it generally extends to all types of works.
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