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International law is a difficult problem to solve, but one that, in my 
personal opinion, needs to be solved as far as we can reasonably do.  It would 
be embarrassing to have a project Open Sourced, only to have people in one 
jurisdiction unable to exercise their rights because of a mistake concerning 
patent rights.

Cem Karan

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> I found your email exchanges @ license-discuss at opensourc.org quite 
> interesting..& well-researched as well
> historical grants of most patents especially as it relates to vital 
> infrastructure, has always been dependent on "national interests" & rarely
> based on international interests..
> when a coupla' of my friends & myself wrote PC Paint sometime between 
> 1989-95, we hardly expected it to be as big as it is today. We
> guys led separate lives since Uni & now it's always about checking 
> interoperabilities & scope of projects & innovation, more than anything
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