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You might want to re-read what they posted; the license applies only to those 
portions of the code that have copyright attached, otherwise it's public 
domain.  The trick is that while US Government (USG) works are ineligible for 
copyright within the US, they may be eligible for copyright outside the US, 
and in those areas the USG works are licensed under the OSI-approved license. 
I'm not sure what it would mean for code that was moved across jurisdictions, 
but I do understand and appreciate the intent of their approach.

Cem Karan

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> On a rather unrelated note (apologies for the deluge of e-mails today!), the 
> folks behind code.mil have responded to public feedback and
> are proposing significant changes to their approach.
> Instead of wrapping an OSI license as before, they now propose to directly 
> utilize an existing copyright-based open source license.  That is,
> they may actually attempt to test the theory postulated by Richard Fontana 
> et al., namely that horrible things might not actually happen
> if the USG slaps a copyright-based license on their works.  Instead of 
> wrapping the license, they use it straight up with an INTENT.md file
> to explain that what's public domain obviously remains as such, and what's 
> not falls under the license.  Details here:
> Caution-https://github.com/deptofdefense/code.mil#welcome-to-codemil---an-experiment-in-open-source-at-the-department-of-defense
> < 
> Caution-https://github.com/deptofdefense/code.mil#welcome-to-codemil---an-experiment-in-open-source-at-the-department-of-
> defense >

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