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Thanks John,

I think the answer is - as you suggest - make the case for everyone to stay ‘on the system’ in the documentation.

The case is basically: if you are ‘in the universal system’ then you will have access to lots of new free and cheap apps and add-ons and the ability to promote - through the ability to integrate - your business within the community of users. Sort of like, it would be a waste of time running your own seperate copy of LinkedIn - i.e. what good is a networking tool with no network :-)

We are working hard to enable the ability to distribute the system quickly and easily - i.e. installing it on your own server with a simple command line statement (e.g.  get woogloo). As part of this we are incorporating full database syncing of every new distributed copy back to the ‘central’ database - at no cost.

We are also creating an ‘offline’ object that installs on a client (e.g. desktop computer or mobile device) with full peer-to-peer capability so that data can be selectively synced to only those people who have permission to access that data - i.e. the data will not even pass through the central server’s database and will be fully encrypted end-to-end.

Given that there is no-cost for being within the ‘universal system’ and that there is ample ability to isolate your data/system where required, we cannot see any possible advantage of not being a part of the whole. Our reason for wanting to ‘protect’ the integrity of the system is guarding against the insanely ignorant - which we have had lots of experience with over the years since we have lots of clients working with IT people in third world countries.

I do wonder how Google makes Android open source yet requires everyone that makes ‘copies’ to be connected to the Play store. Do they have some sort of special open source license they use?

Anyway, thanks for your help.

Kind Regards,

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> On 6/03/2017, at 4:12 PM, John Cowan <cowan at ccil.org> wrote:
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> I want to release the software for everyone to use - however, It is important that someone doesn’t simply ‘disconnect’ their copy of the database as this will screw with the integrity of the ‘universal’ nature of the system.
> I don't see that any sort of _public_ license, open-source or not, will work.  You will have to get every user to sign a contract to that effect, along with preventing all redistribution, and there is of course no way to do that consistently with the Open Source Definition.
> What are your motives for preventing people from running disconnected copies of the program, or for that matter separate networks of copies?  If it is commercial advantage, that's one thing, and you should go with a closed-souroce scheme.  If it is a "commons" argument (everyone is better off if there's just One Big Network), then you should make the case in your documentation.  Most people use a public blockchain, for good and sufficient reasons, but there is nothing stopping anyone from setting up their own blockchains, and people do if they have use for it.
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