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Terrence Bull terrence at woogloo.com
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I am wanting to open source our project - a browser based development environment. However, it has a unique feature - much of the code is in the database and there is a universal User ID to make integration (between apps inside a business and business-to-business) quickly and easily possible. It also has an ‘App’ store where people can monetise their work.

We are putting full database syncing capabilities on the system so all copies of the database are synced - where data is ‘non-private’. The database is an H2 database with native encryption so almost impossible to hack - or see - private data anyway.

I want to release the software for everyone to use - however, It is important that someone doesn’t simply ‘disconnect’ their copy of the database as this will screw with the integrity of the ‘universal’ nature of the system.

Can anyone help me with what needs to be considered in terms of what open source license to use and if it needs some sort of modification to ensure the system's longterm integrity?

Thanks for your help in advance.

Kind Regards,

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