[License-discuss] Some formerly-approved licenses not listed under opensource.org/licenses/ (was: SPDX License List v1.14 & OSI questions)

W. Trevor King wking at tremily.us
Fri Jul 14 19:22:48 UTC 2017

There was a 2012 discussion [1] about some licenses (e.g. the AFL-1.0
and AFL-1-1, etc.) which were approved by the OSI (e.g. [2,3]) but are
not currently listed on the website [4,5].  As of at least 2005, Larry
(the AFL author) was saying that the earlier licenses were superseded,
but it didn't sound like he was suggesting them for retirement [6].
By the 2012 discussion, Larry was suggesting versions before 3.0 be
retired [7].  And John took a dive into the Internet Archive to
unearth the history for a number of licenses [8].  He didn't find the
original AFL-1.0, but it's there on 2002-08-05 [9].  Karl (CCed)
sounded like he was planning on updating the website to include the
previously approved, now superseded/retired, currently unlisted
licenses [10], but that doesn't seem to have happened yet.  Are there
still plans to restore these unlisted licenses (to [5])?

It would be nice to have the version-controlled, machine-readable
source at [11] be canonical and be used as source for the website
[4,5].  It sounds like Paul (CCed) was planning on something like that
as of January this year [12].  But with the authoritative-ness of that
repo still in flux, maybe it's better to update the Drupal database
[13] directly?

Also, the superseded/retired page is not very discoverable.  I'd
recommend linking to it from [4], and also from [14] (which already
has “superseded licenses, or retired licenses” text which could be
turned into a link).


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