[License-discuss] Creative Commons vs private content

Richard Grevers pinz at dramatic.co.nz
Thu Oct 20 06:46:02 UTC 2016

Greetings from New Zealand,

I've struggled somewhat to find a forum in which to discuss matters
relating to Creative Commons, so I hope this isn't Off-topic here. (If it
is, feel free to redirect me!)

We are redeveloping a website (for a national permaculture organisation)
with user-contributed content and a CC-BY-SA license. naturally there are
restrictions on who can create content.

1) There is some content created by us which is members-only for various
reasons - privacy laws/confidentiality, or simply withheld as an incentive
to actually join the organisation.

2) There is also some interest from users in being able to limit the
visibility of content they contribute - just as, on other social media, you
can limit content visibility to friends, followers etc. For example, a
member might be happy to share a photo of a project in which their children
feature with other members, but not happy about it being available to the
world on an open license.

Are the two concepts above in conflict with the CC license? Is a different
license required for that specific content - or some rider attached to the
general license?

Richard Grevers
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