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> > - is it good practice, and does it affect the open source status of
> >   software, to supplement OSI-approved licenses with separate patent
> >   license grants or nonasserts? (This has been done by some other
> >   companies without significant controversy.)
> This should of course be discouraged. However, I sympathize with this kind 
> of setup if it is intended to be a proposal for a license that
> doesn't yet exist. If Facebook a) intends for the combined license to 
> qualify as open source, and b) eventually submit it for OSI approval,
> then it seems to me this is a natural path towards such a goal.

If it is discouraged, then OSI will need to start accepting more licenses into 
the fold.  I brought up the problems that the US Government has with regards 
to copyright, which is why we developed a new license based on Apache 2.0.  It 
was roundly criticized as not being necessary, and at this point, I suspect 
we're probably going to be going with CC0 + Patent release, in much the same 
way as React has.  That will probably cause license fracturing in a way that I 
don't think OSI or anyone in the Open Source community wants.

Cem Karan

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