[License-discuss] Category "B" licenses at Apache

Lawrence Rosen lrosen at rosenlaw.com
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I wrote earlier and want to postscript it:

> A bigger change would require that someone intelligent on the PMC

> evaluate it as a contribution and make a comment about it in the NOTICE


For example, a short and simple NOTICE file could say:


Apache SQRT is an improved square root calculator that was created by Sally
Contributor. She combined the best features of previous ALv2 and MPLv2
square root functions. This is documented in Sally's source code available
at www.apache.org <http://www.apache.org> . This derivative work, Apache
SQRT, is "Copyright (C) 2015 Sally Contributor."


Because this is a derivative work of an MPLv2 program, the resulting Apache
SQRT module is licensed under MPLv2. Every program that invokes this Apache
SQRT module retains its own license, FOSS or proprietary.





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