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Giorgio clearly is confusing "open source" and "non-commercial".  The point
of open source is that when you get it, you are free to use pretty much
however you want.  Including commercially.  So any "personal use only"
software is not open source.

See http://opensource.org/osd-annotated for details.

On Thu, Jul 10, 2014 at 2:32 PM, Patrick Masson <masson at opensource.org>

>  I'm not sure if anyone got back to Giorgio on this. I am sure he would
> appreciate this group's thoughts.
> Thanks,
> Patrick
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> Giorgio Sommaruga (giorgio at sommaruga.org) sent a message using the contact
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> My team is developing a project in business area.
> The software is developed in two segment.
> A first segment is a basic version of software with an Open Source license,
> but we don't want to allow to modify the code and then resell it. We want to
> allow changes only for personal use.
> And second segment is based over the basic version but with other proprietary
> code, for example for more other functions or add-ons.
> We want to enable our partners to modify the software and sell it, but only
> with our authorization and acquiring the rights of the changes.
> Furthermore we would like to combine the software with a hardware protection,
> at least for the "business" but if possible also for the "Open" segment.
> This, at least to keep track of who is using the software.
> As an alternative for the Open segment, we would like to force the user to
> register the software in order to receive an activation code.
> Is this possible in the context of OSI licenses and which one?
> Thanks in advance.
> Sincerely
> Giorgio Sommaruga
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