[License-discuss] [Infrastructure] Machine readable source of OSI approved licenses?

Luis Villa luis at lu.is
Sun Feb 23 23:21:07 UTC 2014

On Mon, Feb 10, 2014 at 8:02 AM, J Lovejoy <opensource at jilayne.com> wrote:

> We are in the process of updating the text files with markup to implement
> the license matching guidelines located here:
> http://spdx.org/spdx-license-list/matching-guidelines - the goal being to
> provide a way to ensure that when one SPDX user identifies a license, it is
> reliably the same as when another SPDX user identifies the same license.
>  Of course, the main example of this is the BSD 3 and 4 clause licenses and
> Apache 1.1, which may include the names of the specific copyright holder
> even though the rest of the license is exactly the same (goal being to
> avoid concluding every BSD-3-Clause with a different copyright holder name
> gets identified as a different license.)

Hi, Jilayne, Phil-
What is the intended markup here? The matching guidelines seem useful, but
it isn't clear to me what a license marked up that way would look like. Is
there an example somewhere?

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