[License-discuss] License incompatibility (was Re: Open source license chooser choosealicense.com

Bradley M. Kuhn bkuhn at ebb.org
Tue Sep 10 17:41:00 UTC 2013

Till Jaeger wrote:
> Bradley and Larry have asked me to share my view as a European lawyer on
> the

To be abundantly clear, it was wholly Larry's request to Till, so Larry
deserves all the credit here for eliciting this wonderful and informative
contribution to this list from Till!

As I mentioned in a private thread, I didn't really see the need to
burn Till's time posting here, since the discussion was a side-issue
on the main thread about license compatibility, and an OSI director
had already said "oh no, not again" on the derivative works subthread.

However, nevertheless, Till, thank you so much for providing such
a detailed posting to the list, and it's a wonderful written supplement to
what you covered in your FOSDEM 2013 talk!

   -- bkuhn

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