[License-discuss] Newbie post: Localisable open source software license

Maxthon Chan xcvista at me.com
Mon Oct 21 06:39:16 UTC 2013

Hello everyone.

I am Max from Donghua University.

I am developing an open-source project that is intended to be distributed across boundaries. However laws is different from one country to another, hence licenses may need to be localised appropriately. For example, few existing open source license work 100% issue-free in China simply because it is not in Chinese language.

There is a project, Creative Commons, that focuses on providing free license for art, music and works alike. They tackled the localisation issue well, by providing localised licenses that is interchangeable with each other, even in the copyleft variants.However Creative Commons does not work well with software. I can CC license my documentations but not the software itself.

I am considering expanding some existing license to allow the same localisation capability, and provide some localised versions of it. To me, I decided to expand 3-clause BSD license. I have started a GitHub repository <https://github/xcvista/muskiPL> to host the development of the expanded license. I will commit this license to review after it is finalised.

I would like to know your opinions on a localisable open source license.
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