[License-discuss] license information improvement project - now with a mockup!

Richard Fontana fontana at sharpeleven.org
Wed Nov 6 18:50:40 UTC 2013

On Wed, 6 Nov 2013 09:33:03 -0800
Luis Villa <luis at lu.is> wrote:

> - Any comments on what information is/isn't presented? 

Maybe a link to the license steward's FAQ, if any (perhaps with some
appropriate disclaimer that the OSI does not necessarily endorse
anything in such FAQs)? This will only be relevant to a few licenses but
some of them are among the more widely used ones.

> - Obviously this information will not all be available for all
> licenses. In those cases, should we simply omit reference to the
> information, or should we say something like "Canonical text: the
> canonical text is no longer available" or "OSI discussion: this
> license was approved before OSI's current mail archive system, and so
> the discussion is no longer available"? I think the latter.

Agreed. (Re the first example there are some cases where there really
never was a canonical text, so that might be an appropriate statement
for such cases.) 
> - MOST IMPORTANTLY: Any volunteers to gather more information for more
> licenses?

I offer to volunteer to the extent I have time. :)

 - RF

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