[License-discuss] Akshar License 1.0 Final Draft

John Cowan cowan at mercury.ccil.org
Tue May 7 14:11:50 UTC 2013

Prashant Shah scripsit:

> Updated the license as per the feedback received.

Okay, I ran another wdiff, and there are only four differences remaining:

1) In the patent license, where Apache has "the Work", Akshar has "the
Work or Derivative Works".  The difference is unimportant, because you
are getting the license from "each Contributor" anyway.

2) In the redistribution clause, where Apache has "You must give any
other recipients of the Work or Derivative Works", Akshar has "You must
retain, in the Source Form of any Work or Derivative Works that you
distribute".  This seems to imply, without actually saying so, that you
need not distribute the Akshar License with a binary-only distribution.
It's not clear how this helps anyone.

3) The prominent-notices requirement is moved to the end of the
redistribution clause.  No effect.

4) The reference to the specific NOTICES file is replaced by a reference
to generic notices, including not only attribution notices but copyright,
patent, and trademark notices, in both the redistribution clause and
the trademarks clause.  Thus Apache privileges the file named "NOTICE",
assuming it contains attribution notices, whereas Akshar doesn't.
But it's a good thing to only have to look in one place for attribution
notices.  I don't see how this change helps anyone either.

More than ever this license needs a justification in detail of its sparse
differences from Apache.

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